Why Klobuchar’s Calm Competency is the Answer to the Challenge Facing America

Today December 19th is one of the darkest days in the year, and after yesterday’s impeachment vote, one of the darkest days in American history. The good news is that things will be getting brighter soon — at least in terms of the length of the day, although a question remains about the political future.

The best takeaway I can offer for the impeachment is that it is quite clear that we as Americans need to take a bit more care in who we elect to lead us.

I do not expect Trump to be removed from office, although I believe he should be. I do expect him to be defeated next November though. The question is by whom.

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My predisposition has been to support Joe Biden, who clearly is the most capable of stepping into the office and ramping up to its chores and duties without skipping a beat.

However, as a Minnesotan, I have also had a soft spot in my heart for our “favorite daughter” Amy Klobuchar. I know her and the quality of her work, and I respect her good sense. I believe she would return to the office of President, the calm competency it so badly needs.

As the still large field of candidates has begun to shrink, I have also grown in my conviction that she may in fact be the best candidate to — as her campaign wants us to see- the ablest to “Win Big.”

In contrast to a few of the candidates who offer us Santa Claus presents all to be paid for by the wealthy, she is far more realistic in her promises. In contrast to the well-spoken mayor, she has a depth of experience as a state legislator, county attorney, and is now in her third term in the Senate. Frankly, we have suffered enough by the current incumbent’s lack of relevant experience.

There are four main reasons I now see her as our best choice going forward as a champion to return the bright light of Liberty’s Torch to America at large.

She is/has…

  • a worker bee
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Worker Bee

Some politicians are media stars, some show horses and some workhorses. Amy is the last.

According to govtrack.us, Klobuchar has sponsored or co-sponsored 111 bills in the current 116th Congress, more than any other Senator.

In the prior congress 65 of the 92 bills, she sponsored had Republican co-sponsors — demonstrating her ability to work across the aisle.

And not just sponsored — she had the second-highest percentage of her bills to get out of Committee of all the Democrats in the Republican-controlled Senate, and the third most overall to actually pass.

Among all Senators, she had the 5th most bicameral support — meaning that there was also a companion bill in the House demonstrating her ability to work with both houses of congress.


Her ability to work across the aisle is proof enough of her ability to work with people with whom she disagrees. Some on the far left of the party sees this as her weakness. I see it as her strength.

Several candidates from what I call the “Santa Claus” wing of the party promise a ton of freebies all to be paid for by the wealthy. Even should they win, the question is will they be able to get their proposals through a Congress lead by the likes of Mitch McConnell.

This is where Klobuchar’s appeal to “Win Big” matters most. Our presidential candidate to be successful must not only win but win big enough to carry both the Senate and the House. Failure to do so condemns us to another period of stalemated malaise.

In her last Senatorial race, Klobuchar carried 42 counties that Trump won in Minnesota, 39 of which were rural. She is intent upon not just representing her base but representing the entire nation, urban and rural, liberal and conservative while plainly forwarding a progressive agenda.

Her ability to relate to rural America is our best hope to win Senate and House seats.


I continue to regret the resignation of Minnesota Senator Al Franken, but even though a professional comedian, I have often thought that Amy, not Al was the funnier of the two.

This personal human trait is more important that one may at first think. The ability to laugh and especially to laugh at oneself is an important one. Can you think of a time when Donald Trump told a joke? (Not counting the times he claimed one or more of his outrageous statements were jokes.)


The woman has spunk. While most often mentioned is her presidential announcement during a Minnesota snowstorm, the real proof has been her stature in the debates to date. Any Minnesotan worth their salt can withstand a blizzard, we are a hearty breed. Her depth of experience and skills as a prosecutor have shown brightly during Senate committee hearings over and over, be it her exchanges with Kavanaugh during his Supreme Court hearings, or those of Barr during his Attorney General hearings, or in the debates to date.

She can stand up to the bully in chief and will take him down.

The bottom line

Amy Klobuchar has the best shot at winning not just the presidency, but also of bringing the nation together again. Her goal is not to lead the left in a continuing futile war with the right, but to become America’s president.

Her goal is not just to defeat Trump, but to renew America both here at home and to return us to our prior role as a leader of the free and democratic nations of the world. To restore our alliances and return us to our traditional role as the world leader.

And perhaps most importantly of all to return to the white house a leader with calm competence.

This post will also be published on my occasional blog, Midwest Moderate

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