Infrastructure or Social Engineering?

During the unpleasantness of the recent presidential election and its aftermath, I was engaged with several of my relatives in an effort to steer them away from what I considered to be the “Dark Side.” It was a fruitless effort. As one nephew put it, he…

In November of 1969, I was a Signalman Striker onboard the USS Point Defiance as we prepared to enter the Vietnamese port of Qua Viet to offload equipment bound for the Army of the Republic of Vietnam.

Scuttlebutt aboard indicated that we would not be getting sandbags to line the…

The Bald Eagle is the national bird, many states have state rocks, flowers, minerals and more. But I wonder what would be the National Sandwich if there were such a thing.

Some may suggest the hot dog, others would argue for the brat especially during football and grilling season in…

Earl Netwal

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